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Breast feeding week in celebrated from 1-7 August 2021

Breast feeding week in celebrated from 1-7 August 2021


The WHO Breast feeding week theme for 2021 “Protect Breast feeding: A shared responsibility”. According to WHO only 44% of infants are exclusively breast feed from 0-6 months of age in India, To increase the awareness about breast feeding and its significance a quiz was conducted by the Department of Obs & Gyn for MBBS Students. The quiz got an overwhelming response from the students and was followed by prize distribution to the winners.





Chirayu Medical College & Hospital, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology started its Fertility Centre for treatment of infertile couples with the vision of becoming first central India Medical College Center providing all services under one roof at affordable price.

The services at Chirayu Fertility Centre include:

  •     • Evaluation –of infertile male partner

  •     • Evaluation & treatment of infertile female partner

  •     • Hormonal tests

  •     • Follicular Study

  •     • Diagnostic Hystrolaproscopy

  •     • IUI

  •     • IVF

  •     • ICSI

  •     • Donor oocyte & donor semen services

  •     • Oocyte Freezing/Embryo Freezing/Blastocyst Freezing

  •     • Blastocyst Transfer

  •     • Frozen Embryo Transfer

These services are also provided under Ayushman program at CHIRAYU FERTILITY CENTRE to take care of the economically weaker section of society. Patient from periphery with long standing infertility are also getting treatment with positive results.



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