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Chirayu Medical College & Hospital

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Campus Facilities - Chirayu Medical College & Hospital

Campus Facilities

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Even before admission of students the following facilities have been provided.

  • The campus facilities presently available to the students is transport from and to the city

  • Hostel mess

  • Cafeteria

  • Facility for indoor & outdoor games

  • Gymnasium

  • Boys & girls common room

  • ATM Facility

  • Fruit & Vegetable Market



After the admission of the students the following facilities will be made available in the campus shortly

  • Fast Food Centre

  • Saloon/beauty Parlour

  • Stationery Store

  • Departmental Store

  • Bank extension Counter

  • Post Office

  • Workshop for Electrical/Electronic item

  • Workshop for Carpenter

  • Workshop for Plumbing

  • Tailor




As a student of CMCH, It is incumbent on all, to develop self discipline and every student is expected to observe all the rules & regulations as a matter of habit rather than because of fear.




The Dean CMCH is the head of the institution and it will be incumbent upon every student to comply with his/her oral/written instruction. The decision taken by the Dean against any students shall be final.





The Dean of the college is vested with the powers to admit students to the institutions as per the rules and regulation laid down by the governing body.

The rules, regulations & provision relating to the admission to the institution will be as per the guidelines of:-

  1. 1.     The concerned statutory Body – MCI

  2. 2.    Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & family welfare.

  3. 3.    Govt.  of M.P, Deptt. of Medical Education.

  4. 4.     The Affiliating- body- The Barkatullah University Bhopal.

  5. 5.    Rules, Regulations and orders of the institution.


The guideline currently applicable relating to rules, regulations and provision for admission to the institution can be ascertained from the competent authority at the institution.



Fee structure: –


The tuition fees and other fees will be notified from time to time by the management as per the guidelines of the competent authorities.

  1. 1.     Payment of tuition fee, other fees and charges including enrollment fee & examination fee, and other university fees shall be paid on or before the due date notified. Payment shall be made by account payee bank draft favoring the institution payable at Bhopal, as notified from time to time at the designated office counter.

  2. 2.    Late payment of tuition fees will be accepted on payment of late fee as notified by the institution.

  3. 3.    In certain special circumstances, students shall be permitted to deposit post-dated cheque. If the cheques are not honoured by the banks, the students has to pay penalty for the bounced cheques, in addition to penalty for late payment.





White Apron with Name Plate will be worn by all students over dress compulsorily while in the college complex.



Place of duty: –


Place of duty will be any place where the medical students are required to be present, for prescribed training, functions and addresses by Dean/VIPs.



Theft: –


Students are responsible for the safe custody of their personal belongings. While joining the college the students will not bring any items of jewellery, and other fancy or valuable items with them. Any student who is found guilty of stealing or in possession of stolen private or public property will be liable to be withdrawn from the institution in addition to appropriate disciplinary / legal action.



Cheating: –


Any student who is found guilty of using unfair means-cheating or endeavoring to cheat by taking unauthorized books, pamphlets or papers, mobile phone, voice receiver, voice recorder etc. into the examination hall or trying to gain information from anyone while in the examination hall will render himself/ herself liable to be rusticated from the institution. Any form of cheating/forging/stating false hood in any activity while at the institution will be severely dealt with.



Prohibition of Ragging: –


Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited in this institution which includes abusing, harassing, ill-treating, manhandling, bullying or awarding undignified or unauthorized punishment to a student by any other student, strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student indulging in ragging and may be expelled from college as per guidelines of the MCI, & Hon’ble supreme court of India.



Liquor & cigarettes: –


The college and hospital campuses are “NO SMOKING ZONES”. Students are forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke within the institution premises.



Gambling: –


All forms of gambling is forbidden.



Drugs: –


Possession or consumption of any harmful and intoxicating drugs by students in any form is prohibited. All performance- enhancing drugs are also prohibited. Indulging in use of any such substances will result in disciplinary action which may include rustication.



Wearing of Sunglasses: –


Medical students are not permitted to wear sunglasses during classes, practical, clinics and outdoor training or any other organized activity unless specifically advised to do so on medical grounds.



Hair cut / Maintenance and sharing Discipline: –


Students will not deface, mutilate or damage any building or property belonging to the college or individual or cut/uproot plants or trees especially in the college or hospital premises. Students will not cut or otherwise deface desks, tables, seats or any other furniture within the institution.



Damage: –


The college and hospital campuses are “NO SMOKING ZONES”. Students are forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke within the institution premises.



Servants: –


No students will employ a private servant / maid servant during his/her stay at the institution.



Mark of Respect: –


The medical students will pay proper compliments to staff member as per service Code while meeting them/coming across them within and outside the college campus.


While addressing officers medical students will use the word “Sir/Madam” and in a manner which will show proper respect.


Students are not expected to visit residential quarters of staff/faculty members unless it is for unavoidable /urgent work and prior consent has been obtained personally or on phone of concerned faculty/staff.


The students are expected to behave courteously with the non-teaching staff and follow the rules as laid down by the institute


Students are required to treat members of the opposite sex with respect & due courtesy.



Institutional Library: –


Every student admitted to the college will be entitled to have the benefits of the library as also its computer section subjects to following: –


Timings: –

  1. 1.     Library will remain open on all the working days or as per the provision notified by the institution on the notice board.

  2. 2.     On Sunday and holiday it shall be opened as notified for given periods.

  3. 3.     Students are discouraged to use the library during college hours. Clinical academic hours. In case, they so require, they must obtain a written permission from the competent authority.

  4. 4.     Students utilizing library must enter their name, time of entry class studying and put signatures in the attendance register before entering the library. They shall also mark the time of leaving the library and put their signature in the register. Books are not permitted to be taken out.

  5. 5.     If the books are damaged or lost, the students will have to pay the cost and the penalty decided by the competent authority. Cooperation form student are expected.

  6. 6.     Silence in the library is to be strictly maintained, group discussion, chatting or sleeping is not permitted in the library.

  7. 7.     Eatables/ beverages are not allowed in the library.

  8. 8.     Library furniture is to be kept clean and carving or writing graffiti will be considered as acts of indiscipline.

  9. 9.     Instructions of the librarian/staff will have to be strictly followed.

  10. 10.     Smoking or consuming alcohol are strictly prohibited.

  11. 11.     Entry to library is restricted to the bonafide students only.

  12. 12.     Students will produce library cards as also identity cards as required.

  13. 13.     Personal texts Books will not be permitted for reading within the library only notebooks are allowed.

  14. 14.     Aprons/bags/purses are to be deposited at the property counter at the entrance.



Hostel & Mess: –


The students may avail the facility of the hostel, provided by the institution. The relevant provisions are as under: –


  1. 1.     Accommodation in the boys/girls hostels is provided to the students on availability (first come first serve) and not as a matter of right.

  2. 2.     The policy for allotment of rooms will be decided by the management, and may be changed to cater to the unforeseen cases/circumstances. Allotment of rooms made by the Dean or any authorized staff will be strictly adhered to. Changes shall not be made on their own on mutual consent or other basis.

  3. 3.     No food will be served in rooms.

  4. 4.     The main gates of the Hostels will be closed at 9:00 pm in the night and be opened at 5:00 am in the morning. Any student coming after 9:00 pm will have to deposit his/her identity card to the security at the main gate.

  5. 5.     These identity cards will be sent by security to the Dean next morning from where the students can collect them back after proper explanations.

  6. 6.     No personal music system and television are allowed in the hostel. Any loud music which disturbs others is prohibited.

  7. 7.     The laptops will be allowed with prior permission of the Dean .



Payment of Hostel fee: –


No student is permitted to stay in the hostel without paying the hostel fee in full in advance and obtaining an allotment order from the Dean.



Visitors/Guests: –


Students may receive visitors only during the timings given below. No single lady other than mother and sister will be allowed to meet a male student. No male will be allowed to meet a female student unless it is mentioned in the visitors register and can meet in the visitors room only.


  1. 1.     Visiting hour – 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

  2. 2.     Sunday and Holiday – 10:00 am to 7:30 pm


Students are allowed to take their guest only to the cafeteria and visitors room. Guest room will be allotted for 3 days at a time by the Dean in exceptional circumstances after written permission of the Dean.


In case it is discovered that students has misused the facility in contravention to above orders, 4 times the room rent and dining charges will levied in addition to disciplinary action.



Disciplinary Conduct: –


The students may avail the facility of the hostel, provided by the institution. The relevant provisions are as under: –


  1. 1.     Found indulging in ragging of juniors.

  2. 2.     Absence from lectures/clinics/practical/training programmes without any valid reason/permission.

  3. 3.     Absenting from hostel, without leave/permission.

  4. 4.     Overstay of sanctioned leave/vacation.

  5. 5.     Absenting from university exam without any valid reason like sickness/hospitalization etc.

  6. 6.     Prolonged absence from college without permission/desertion from college.

  7. 7.     Absenting from college exams without valid reason.

  8. 8.     Using unfair means in tests/examinations/practicals.

  9. 9.     Absenting from hospital during hospitalization without valid out pass.

  10. 10.     Absenting himself from other place/activity officially requiring the presence of the students.

  11. 11.     Improper turnout such as wearing unauthorized items, not shaving, improper haircut etc.

  12. 12.     Moral turpitude or misbehavior and misconduct of any kind with associates, staff, patients and outsiders.

  13. 13.     Use of criminal force on fellow students.

  14. 14.     Neglect of studies and unsatisfactory progress in academics.

  15. 15.     Disobedience of orders and insubordination to staff.

  16. 16.     Loss/damage to college property. Identity card is deemed to be college property.

  17. 17.     Drug abuse, i.e. possession/consumption of wines, spirits or any habit forming drugs.

  18. 18.     Violation of standing orders or any other orders published in Dean’s weekly orders or displayed on notice boards from time to time.

  19. 19.     Eve teasing of colleagues/creating nuisance in the class or during organized functions.

  20. 20.     Failing to pay compliments to seniors.

  21. 21.     Keeping unauthorized occupants including friends and relatives in the hostel.

  22. 22.     Failure to report unusual occurrence.

  23. 23.     Collection of Funds for any purpose, unless authorized by college authorities.

  24. 24.     Violation of laid down channel of communication.

  25. 25.     Refusal to accept any duty allotted by any superior or senior staff.

  26. 26.     Joint action by medical students e.g. combined petition, representation, agitation strike etc.

  27. 27.     Complaint/any adverse report of breach of discipline or an act contrary to good conduct received from officer or other unit/agency.

  28. 28.     Visiting out of bound places in contravention of orders.

  29. 29.     Negligence or an act of omission or commission in the duties of students assignments.

  30. 30.     Failure to pay college/mess dues by stipulated time.

  31. 31.     Unbecoming conduct on the part of a Student of CMCH.

  32. 32.     Any other breach of discipline not mentioned above but contrary to any provision of the Code of Conduct.



Penalties and Punishment: –The competent authorities to award penalties/ punishment as approved by the CMD/Dean as are under: –



S. No.


Competent Authority


Recordable Warning    Dean


Recovery of loss to college property up to Rs. 250/-    Dean


Recovery of loss to college property upto Rs. 1000/-    Dean


Fine up to Rs. 100/-    Dean


Fine up to Rs. 300/-    Dean


Fine up to Rs. 500/-    Dean


Rustication from College rolls for a period up to 6 months    Dean


Rustication from college for 6 to 12 months    Dean


Rustication from college roll for a period more than 12 months    Dean


Expulsion from Examination    Dean


Removal from college roll    Dean



Removal from college Rolls: –


A student will be removed from the rolls of the college by appropriate authority on the ground of: –


  1. 1.     Unsatisfactory disciplinary conduct.

  2. 2.     Unsatisfactory progress during academic year.

  3. 3.     Knowingly or unknowingly furnishing false information/particulars for admission to the college.

  4. 4.     Absence from college for long period without information or failure to appear in university examination for 4 years.



Rustication from the college: –


A student may be rusticated for a term or more on academic grounds as decided by the disciplinary committee of the college. A student may be rusticated for a term or more by the college authority on disciplinary or administrative reasons. On rustication or being struck off college rolls the student will vacate the hostel within 24 hours. The college has no liability, whatsoever if the student proceeds elsewhere.



Change of address/nearest Railway station: –


It is the responsibility and duty of student to inform the warden & administrative officer in case of change of address of parents or guardians. Phone/Mobile numbers of parents/guardians will be updated in the office/hostel records by the students. NRI status will not be changed unless documentary proof is provided along with a written application by the student, countersigned by the parents/guardians.



Hostel: –


Mess/ Dining Hall: –


Student shall have breakfast, lunch, evening tea & dinner with in stipulated hours. Late comers will not be entitled for these services.


Students shall have the breakfast, food in the dining hall only. Food is not permitted to be carried outside the dining hall or to the hostel rooms. Student shall not waste food. They must take care in serving themselves the required quantity. Students shall not enter into the kitchen and storage areas.


In cases of problems relating to the quantity, quality of food, sanitation, behavior by the mess/hostel staff or any other such problem, the inmates will not attempt to settle the problem directly. The matter is to be addressed to the warden/Dean who will arrange to redress the same.




Care of Hostels assets/Property: –


Room Inventory: –


All furniture/fixtures in the room allotted to student must be properly taken care of. Student will be required to pay the original cost of any items found missing from the room and also be required to pay the charges of repair of items that are found to have been willfully damaged or unfair wear & tear along with penalty, and that will attract disciplinary action.


Students are prohibited from interchanging any furniture/fixture from one point/location in the Hostel to another. Such acts will tentamount to willful act of indiscipline.




Economy in consumption of water & electricity: –


It will be incumbent upon a student to exercise restraint in the use of water & electricity, lights/fans/coolers, water taps not in use must be switched off whenever a student leaves his/her room.



Visit to Local Guardian: –


The inmate of the hostel is required to fill up a prescribed application form to stay out of hostel and get it duly approved by the warden before leaving (not more than two days).


Girl students when returning from such leave is required to have her out pass endorsed by the guardian in confirmation that she stayed with the guardian. (Telephone no of guardian should be mentioned)



Channel of communication: –


Students will neither correspond directly with higher authorities nor will they approach the Dean directly.


  1. 1.     For students of boys hostel matter, through the block monitors, Resident warden to Dean.

  2. 2.     For students of girls hostel matters, through the lady warden to Dean.

  3. 3.     For mess matters through president mess committee.

  4. 4.     For any personal problems of distressing and confidential nature the student may directly approach guardians appointed from amongst the staff members at any time & seek help.



Scholarship, Rewards: –


The institution will consider all cases of outstanding and meritorious performance, Deserving students will be considered for scholarship, rewards and reorganization on outstanding performance and for bringing honors to the institution.



General Rules: –


The students will comply with the Rules, Regulations and the provision of the code of conduct incorporated in this book.


The student will conduct himself/herself in a civilized and cultured way, whether in the campus, classroom, hospital, hostel, mess, auditorium, gatherings, programmes and transport bus.


The student will carry his/her identity card all the time and will show it, if asked for, to the Dean/other authorities of the institution.


The student will not resort to or indulge in any acts of violence or use unparliamentarily language in any part of the campus.


No slogans will be raised or written by them in any part of the campus.


The student will facilitate in keeping the premises clean and beautiful, conducive to desired academic environment.


The student will not indulge in any criminal activities or moral turpitude alone or jointly with others or by way of abetting them with or outside the campus.


No political activity of any kind is permitted within the campus.


Any anti- social activities or illegal acts or sheltering anti social elements are also strictly prohibited in the campus.


No arms or weapons will be used or brought inside or kept in possession by any student.
Student will not make any direct complaint/representation individual or collective, to anybody, office or authority for any grievance without prior approval of the Dean.


Rash or careless driving within the campus is prohibited. The student driving the vehicle must possess proper license. Necessary documents to prove the ownership of the vehicle must be available with the student.


Student having a vehicle in her/his possession and within the campus, whether owned or not will record necessary particulars with the security department to enable them due identification.


The vehicle must be parked at the parking zone and in the manner prescribed at own risk.


No student will drive a two-wheeler inside or outside the campus without wearing helmet.


The institution reserves its right to have the student suspended, restricted and the hostel vacated from him or her and intimating the police authorities, depending on gravity of misconduct.


Parents / Guardians in case of need, will address all correspondence to the Dean only.


A notice displayed on institution notice board will be deemed to have been brought to the notice of the students. They therefore must keep watching the notice board on regular classes.