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Central Library - Chirayu Medical College & Hospital

Central Library

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The Central Library is located on the first floor of the institution. It has a floor area of 2401 Sq.mts. All the floors have internet connectivity. The library is well illuminated and air conditioned. It has a good ambience and is free from noise. Outside reading room has capacity of 150 students.

The library works from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on all working days,
and 10:00am to 4.00pm on Sundays.
Library is closed on National Holidays.


At the initial phase the central library has more than 14055 text and reference Books. Library has membership of various national and international journals. All the Library facilities and services are supported by qualified and efficient staff members; who provide information services to the users. It is also made available to end users with- in campus. All library services will be made automated in very near future.
We also have Dvl Dvirtual LibraryOnline Journal Library and
Skill Lab and Learning Center .


  •     Aim of the library is to fulfill the academic demands of students and faculties.

  •     Provide the best possible search and support to cater the students and faculties.

  •     Provide information and guidance to the research scholar about their needs for books and journals.

  •     To develop library automation in a short span of time.

MISSION   : To contribute information to present and future health care providers and to the needy.
VISION   : To develop E-Library – anywhere and everywhere.
Various Sections of the Library   :

First Floor

  •     Librarian Room

  •     Deputy Librarian Room

  •     Assistant Librarian Room

  •     Book issue/return counter

  •     Reading & stacking section

  •     New journal display section

  •     Outside reading section


Second Floor

  •     Reading & Stacking

  •     Xerox machine Room

  •     Library Staff Room

  •     Staff reading Room


Third Floor

  •     Journal Section Video cassettes & C.D. Room

  •     Computer Room

  •     Library Staff Room

  •     P G Room

Facilities   :
  •     Fully Computerized with Barcode Technology

  •     Search Enquiry System (OPAC)


Computer Facilities

  •     Browsing Centre- 40 Systems

  •     Library Server -1 System

  •     Issue/Return -2

  •     Dy. Librarian – 1 System



  •     Reference service

  •     Internet services

  •     E-mail services

  •     CD-ROM Access

  •     E- Journal Access

  •     Video Library

  •     Bibliographic Service

  •     Preservation of Books & Journals

  •     Dvl Dvirtual Library host Online Journal Library

Browsing Centre   : Browsing centre is Air-conditioned and has 40 terminals.
Intranet   : The library is well connected by intranet to other departments. Faculty members can search the availability of books and communicate with the librarian.
Skill Laboratory   : This central library is unique in having “Skills Lab” to train faculty and students on electronic information technology and gain experience in the following. The skill lab is located in the third floor with the capacity to accommodate 15 persons.
Central Library Data – 2019   :
Books Qty. 14859
National Journals 70
International Journals 30
Dvl Dvirtual Library Hospital Library In A Box+Dvl Dvirtual Library Md+A2z Link


Back Volume Journals:- 892
National Journals 643
International Journals 249